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Programs and Resources

Here are a few of the programs and resources we provide, as well as links to external resources you may find helpful

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A gender affirming Clothing Exchange program.

Browse our selection of gently used donated items to find something that brings you your own gender euphoria moments.

You can donate your dysphoric clothing, find something euphoric, or both! Any items you find that makes you feel more "yourself" are yours to take free of charge.


Education and Outreach

We understand that the best way to create spaces to support LGBTQ+ people is to educate the spaces that already exist and want to be more inclusive. If you or your organization would like to have a representative from Farmville Pride come talk or provide training and education, or are seeking insight on how to support and welcome the local LGBTQ+ community please reach out to us with your needs or questions.


Makers Workshop

We hold workshops with local artists, makers, and crafters to give our local LGBTQ+ community a space to freely be themselves, meet and make friends, and learn how to make something. Our workshops are geared to suit youth or adults interested in learning the skills involved with the particular workshop's topic, and we aim to have little to no cost barriers to participation.

If you are a local artist or venue that would like to lead or host a workshop please reach out to us!

Our Maker's Workshops run concurrently with our Shop Talk program whenever possible.

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Shop Talk

The sister program to our Maker's Workshop.  While your LGBTQ+ loved one or family member is participating in the workshop activity, we lead education and support discussions you can participate in to help you process and work through any challenges that may be affecting your relationship with your LGBTQ+ loved one.

We can also help you learn how to best show love and support for them as they deal with the challenges that face them as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Informational Materials

Here are some resources you can download that we hope you will find helpful:

More materials to come...

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