The Founding

Why was Farmville Pride established?

Farmville Pride was established to create an environment within the Farmville community where LGBTQ+ individuals could feel safe, respected, and supported. Whenever and wherever we gather, the individuals who show up are the most important part of creating that environment.

Why does Farmville deserve a queer organization?

Farmville deserves a LGBTQ+ organization because every community deserves such an organization. The act of coming out and the years that follow can be a difficult time for many reasons. Often, people perceive rural communities as less tolerant of LGBTQ+ individuals. As such, it is critical that Farmville and other rural communities have visible and active communities of support.

What does the organization hope to accomplish?

We hope the organization will expand into the local school systems through Gay-Straight Alliances; establish a Diversity Center where all will feel welcome; create volunteer opportunities with other community organizations; and provide information on how to find safe spaces in Farmville so LGBTQ+ community members can live a healthy, happy, and satisfying life.

What is the biggest challenge the organization faces?

The biggest challenge is locating financial backing and other resources to help us grow and accomplish our plans. Another challenge is ensuring that every member of the LGBTQ+ community feels comfortable joining and being represented by the organization. I’m sure there are some nervous folks who want to join but are not yet comfortable in doing so. I understand this nervousness, but we want to make sure everyone knows the organization is friendly, supportive, and committed to spreading love and joy.