Tatum Standley

Photo by Alex Grabiec

Secretary of the Board

Contact: secretary@farmvillepride.com

Tatum Standley lives in Cumberland, VA where he owns a horse farm with his husband, Dave. He is an animal lover, small business owner, and farrier for horses throughout Virginia. Tatum joined Farmville Pride shortly after the group began meeting in 2018. The members of the group have become a much needed family for him, and he looks forward to building strong ties with others in the community.

As an intersectional feminist, Tatum cares deeply about the interlocking oppressions people face regarding their race, sexuality, gender, ability, class, and age. He believes strongly that the LGBTQ+ community should work hard to amplify the voices of its most marginalized members. As a transgender man, he is particularly interested in educating the community on transgender issues.